Easy-to-use tools/resources for your community association

Pay Assessments

The Select Group, Inc. is excited to announce upgrades that we are implementing to better serve you and your community!  Our new system will go “live” for your use January 1, 2024. This cloud-based software program gives you the flexibility to review your account, pay your assessments (either directly through your portal or establishing a reoccurring payment, if desired), submit maintenance requests and review for any updates, access important community information and much more, all from the convenience of your computer or smartphone!

Once the system is available for your use, you will receive a welcome email from Enumerate Engage (an example of the email subject line will be similar to “Join ABC Community Association in Enumerate Engage!”). (Please make sure that we have your email address on file.)  Once you open that email, you will be given steps to establish your profile, a password, and customize your email and mobile notifications.

Once you have established your portal with Enumerate, you will be able to set up your preferred payment method on a safe and secure site.  Please note that payments may be made utilizing any of the options below:


Login to Enumerate Engage to establish your portal and set up your payment through the automatic debit program.


You may pay your assessment at https://propertypay.firstcitizens.com/. You will need Select’s management ID number, #4555, the Community ID number, and your account number. (Please note that applicable fees charged by the bank will be charged to homeowners utilizing this feature. There is no charge for echecks). You may also set up reoccurring payments utilizing this option.  Note:  You may contact our office, 757-486-6000, for your community ID number and account number if you don’t know them.

Through your Bank's Bill Pay

Make sure to provide your bank the lockbox mailing address for your bill pay banking account, which is:

<Name of your Association>
P.O. Box 98165
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0165

Make sure your unit address or account number is referenced on the payment.


For those who do not wish to pay their assessment through your owner portal, electronically, or through your bank’s bill pay, you may still submit your payment by check or money order.

At the beginning of each budget year, you will be sent a coupon payment booklet to assist in making your monthly or quarterly assessment payment.  The payment address, which is also listed above, is provided in the coupon booklet.  Your check or money order needs to be made payable to your association and sent to the payment address.

The Select Group continues to provide the latest tools and practices to the community Association industry and affiliated professionals.