About Us

Our Team

President of Select Realty – Fred G. Summs III CMCA®|CPM
President of Select Group – Bonnie G. Herring CMCA®|PCAM
Director of Community Management – Jill C. Albright CMCA®|AMS|PCAM

Accounting Staff

Comptroller: Jamie Meyer
Assistant to the Comptroller: Susan Carson
General Ledger:  Anna Shumate General Ledger:  Darlene Stanton General Ledger:  Connie Cake General Ledger:  Rachia Simmons Accounts Receivable:  Lilly Sujeta Accounts Receivable:  Wanda Mudge Collections:  Michelle Siewers Accounts Payable:  Cassandra Bell Resale Disclosures: Jennifer Summs

On-Site Managers

Kristina Mack,CMCA®, AMS®, CPO® – Cape Henry Towers
Diane Stevens – Newpointe Condominium Association
Randy Miller – The Crawford Association
Mona Smith – Algonquin House Condominium Association
Brianna Mickens – Dolphin Run Condominium Association
Karen Hobler – Freemason Harbor
Brian Devost – Ocean Way Condominium Association

On-Site Assistant

Lily Daniel – Cape Henry Towers